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Hedges in Worthing

How to Choose the Right Hedge for Your Garden in Worthing

In the charming town of Worthing, gardens play a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of homes and creating serene outdoor retreats. Selecting the right hedge is crucial, as it not only defines the boundaries of your garden but also contributes to its aesthetic appeal, privacy, and even biodiversity. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the ideal hedge for your garden in Worthing.

Understand Your Garden’s Needs


Firstly, consider what you want your hedge to achieve. Is it privacy, wind protection, attracting wildlife, or simply decorative? Your objective will significantly influence your choice of hedge.

Soil Type

Worthing’s gardens boast a variety of soil types, from chalky in the South Downs to more clayey in the lowlands. Some hedges thrive in specific soil conditions, so it’s wise to know your garden’s soil type before making a decision.

Climate and Exposure

Being on the Sussex coast, Worthing gardens are subjected to maritime climate influences. Choose species that can withstand coastal winds and salt spray if your garden is exposed to such elements.

Selecting Your Hedge

For Privacy and Windbreaks

  • Laurel: With its dense foliage and fast growth, laurel hedges provide excellent privacy and are effective at reducing wind speed.
  • Yew: For a more formal look, yew hedges are a classic choice, offering dense, evergreen coverage and resilience in various weather conditions.

For Attracting Wildlife

  • Hawthorn: A native species, hawthorn is fantastic for wildlife, providing flowers for pollinators and berries for birds.
  • Beech: While not evergreen, beech hedges retain their brown leaves throughout winter, offering shelter for wildlife and a backdrop for spring blooms.

For Low Maintenance

  • Box: Ideal for formal gardens, box hedges require minimal upkeep once established and can be shaped to your liking.
  • Privet: Offering a more casual appearance, the privet is hardy and tolerates pruning well, making it easy to maintain.

Decorative Hedges

  • Lavender: For a sensory delight, lavender hedges offer beautiful blooms, a delightful scent, and attract bees.
  • Rose: Rose hedges can add a splash of colour and elegance to your garden, with the bonus of beautiful blooms you can enjoy indoors.

Planting and Care Tips

Planting Time

The best time to plant hedges in Worthing is between October and March, during the dormant season, to give them a good start without the stress of summer heat.


Prepare your soil by digging a trench twice as wide and as deep as the root ball of your hedge plants. Incorporating organic matter can improve soil structure and fertility.


Regular watering during the first few years helps establish your hedge. Annual pruning shapes your hedge and encourages dense growth, with specific pruning times depending on the hedge type.


Choosing the right hedge for your Worthing garden hinges on understanding your garden’s specific needs and desired outcomes. Whether you seek a lush, private sanctuary, a haven for wildlife, a windbreak, or a decorative boundary, there’s a hedge to suit your requirements. Remember, the right hedge not only enhances the beauty and functionality of your garden but also contributes positively to the local ecosystem and the overall charm of Worthing’s residential areas.