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Tools you need for your lawn

Tools you need for your lawn

If you are taking care of a lawn for the first time, it can seem a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of products out there and it is not always clear what is and is not necessary. Even for people who are experienced in looking after their gardens, it helps to know what is out there and what options are available when it comes to the tools you need for your lawn.


In terms of lawn maintenance, a mower is one of the most important tools. Petrol mowers are the most common, however increasingly electric mowers are an option for people who want to use something that doesn’t rely on fossil fuel. For people who want to combine mowing with a workout you can always choose a push along mower.

Whatever option you choose, remember to keep the blades sharp so that the grass is cut (and choose one with a roller if you want fancy lines).

Hoses and sprinklers

With lawns, it is important that the surface gets watered on a regular basis, especially in drier conditions. If you only spray the top then this will result in the water only getting to the top of the soil. Therefore to water your surface regularly, preferably before 11am so that you don’t get water evaporating in the heat.

Edging shears and irons

It is possible to have a perfectly mown lawn but have it missing something. Often this will be because the edges have to be neatened up and one way to do that is with edging shears or irons in order to complete the job.


Raking is an important job because you have to clear away the leaves that can prevent nutrients getting into the soil. This is especially important in the Autumn when the leaves fall. However, don’t do this job in very cold conditions as this can damage the grass.

Pitchforks and aerators

Aeration is crucial as it improves the drainage of the surface and allows for better root grass growth. One way of doing this is via a pitchfork, poking holes into the surface. Alternatively, there are special aeration shoes available that allow you to do this by walking over the surface.

Lawn spreader

A lawn spreader is important because it allows you to distribute feed across the lawn’s surface, ensuring it gets vital nutrients. It is worth comparing models as some come with additional features such as adjustable feed control and pneumatic wheels.

Weed pullers

If you want to make the process of weeding easier (or have mobility issues) then a weed puller with a metallic claw is an option.

We’re here to help

At Lawncare Chichester, we understand that lawn care takes time and people need to get used to how their equipment works. We are also here to help more experienced gardeners who want to ensure their surfaces are properly looked after. For more information and to discuss our services please contact us today.